Gardens have a special way of bringing calm and happiness to most people. A special spot could be on your patio, watching your flower or vegetable garden grow or even your chickens play. Having a bench or chair makes it easier to sit and enjoy what nature is offering for about 15 minutes a day. Teaching yourself and your children to find a special spot where they can sit and think is and important tool in our stressful chaotic world. There are so many lessons that can be learned by sitting outside and watching things grow and observing wildlife like butterflies, bees and birds. This is the perfect time of year!

Putting your senses to work is one great way to enjoy your area. What do you see? What do you hear? What smells are in the air? These are simple questions for yourself and is a perfect way to help children learn about nature and an important way for them to find quiet spots outside for them to enjoy. It is easy to get wrapped up in work, school, phones, television, and other things in life that we forget to take the time in nature and truly enjoy what the earth has to offer.